Carla is specialized in working with TCK’s and their parents:

Teaching parents

– What are Third Culture Kids (TCK’s)?

– About how TCK’s belong, identity, losses

– What causes grief?

– How to identify grief?

– Ways to process grief


Coaching parents

– How to help their TCK’s processing grief


Teaching Member care workers about Third Culture Kids

– Who are the TCK’s in your organization.

– What makes them different than kids growing up mono cultural

– How could you help TCK’s with changes, saying goodbye’s, losses, identity, belonging, grief and processing grief


Train member care workers

– How to debrief TCK’s  in person or online

age 3-6, age 7-11, age 12 and up (teenagers)

Coaching member care workers when they debrief TCK’s

Leading debrief retreats

for kids and teenagers in person or online

For the Radiant Life Retreat of Excelling Leaders Carla has developed the Radiant life Kids and Teenagers debriefing program, see


Please let us know if you have questions or want to talk about this.