Counseling, Supervision, Coaching and Debriefing

Excelling Leaders is a professional organization that offers counseling, debriefing, coaching and supervision. We love to give a meaning to processes of change. Change in yourself, your team, your organization, or even change from culture and environment. We stand for sustainable change and sustainable learning. Every change implies a learning process. Choose the support that fits you and we love to hear from you how we can help you with your change. Contact us by sending an email to:

Choose the help that fits you. We love to hear how we can serve you in your process. For more information, send an email to

Are you looking for change in your job or support in making choices in job or private life?

Visit our page coaching.

Do you work in a people oriented job or in a team or are you looking for change in your way of working or do you want to learn intentionally from your workexperiences?

Visit our page supervision

Do you work with other cultures or do you want to process these experiences? We offer debriefing in the Netherlands, or at your location, wherever you are in the world.

We offer debriefing for singles, couples, families with kids but also for teams. You can come to the Netherlands and stay in our cottage. At request we can also come to you.

Visit our page Elijah's Place and at this page debriefing .

  • We also provide hospitality during furlough in the Netherlands.